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Travel in Comfort

The hotels we select is with great care. Not only have nearly all been inspected by members of our staff , we have stayed in most of them we also set high priority on charm and style and location is also an important consideration, with a preference for the historic town centre most of the hotels we use are rated as 3 -star, 4 -star, 5 -star.

Value for money

Our pribe includes nearly everything, not only the major ingredients such as hotel, taxi, etc. but also all other taxes and other services the price mentioned in our itinerary is the price you pay.


"This was an absolutely wonderful tour, and am so grateful to Ravishing Kerala Holidays. for the huge amout of support and care..."
Anand Srivastav, UP

"From start to finish, from booking to conclusion Ravishing Kerala Holidays support team has well exceeded high expecations. We enjoyed every minute and we are sorry that we had to come home..."
Smith Clark, US

" This was a special holiday congratulations on organising it so well..."
Teresa rose, Kerala

"A fantastic tour! I cannot speak high enough about it . unusual, Satisfying and extemely proffesional and well organised. Thank you"
Priyanka Raj, Mumbai